Induction Helps this Car Wash Save Energy and Become Brighter

We are proud to feature John Williams who owns a car wash in Peach Tree City, Georgia.  John has been retrofitting his old 400 watt Metal Halide fixtures with a more energy efficient and brighter 150 watt induction lamp. 

John was a little nervous at first about tackling the retrofit on his own but after some trial and error, he’s perfected the process and has become quite the professional installer. 

The best part, John is now saving 62.5% on his energy consumption.  Or about $1,708.00 per year at .12 per KWH on the 13 fixtures he’s put in so far. 

Here’s two photos of John’s retrofit work


Thanks to John for letting us use his photos and story for our newsletter. 

If you would like help reducing energy with your facility or company, please contact us!


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